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Shaking things up at Shamrock Prosthetics

Pinnacle has had the privilege of working with many client’s year after year as their business model evolves.  One such client is Shamrock Prosthetics.

It started in January of 2015 when a fellow parishioner of our church came to us with a business opportunity. He was working for a new prosthetics company that needed signage for their new location in Athens, Georgia.

Our History

custom building sign for Shamrock

Our team went to do an onsite visit with the owner – Steve – who wanted us to provide an outdoor sign for the building

It was decided the best route based on his budget was to use ½” White PVC letters, stud mounted to the building. The white letters would pop against the green band painted on the building and make the letters stand out.

After installation, Steve came to us with a request for new interior signage. He wanted to use the Shamrock “Mark” branding and incorporate inspirational quotes around the office. 

In order to provide the look Steve wanted, we used 1” Black PVC with vinyl overlays for the branding.  Then we incorporated vinyl graphics throughout to install the quotes.

Our Present

Then, after 4 years in business, Steve reached out and asked if we would come back out to their Athens facility.  Their company was renovating by building out the warehouse space in the back and expanding the interior for more employees to increase the in-house production.

Steve wanted to place more graphics that was similar to the previously installed graphics around the new space to motivate his employees and team.

He had identified three large spaces he wanted to use to add similar inspiration quotes. He also wanted to add more Shamrock “Marks” on the building for identification.

Our Challenge

During our meeting with Steve on Wednesday, January 29th, he informed us that there was a hard deadline for the new signage.

Most of our customers with events give us ample notice to make sure we have time to provide their signage.

inspirational wall graphic for Shamrock

However, Steve asked for all the work to be designed, priced and installed by February 5th which was less than a week later.

Right after the meeting, Pinnacle team members Stephen and Matt had already discussed how it was going to be possible to accomplish such a large job with so little time. 

Our team had to mobilize and re-prioritize quickly in order to ensure the standard of customer service that we set for ourselves on the Pinnacle Team.

Luckily, Pinnacle has acquired machinery over the years in order to be able to produce this type of signage in-house.

The next day – January 31st – Joanne in our design department had finished the design work to send to Steve for approval.  Steve requested some minor changes that we sent back over for approval on February 1stWithin two days, we were able to nail down the design and agree on a price. 

Part of the plan our team created included ordering all the materials we knew we would need while on the way back from the initial customer meeting.

custom lobby sign for Shamrock

That allowed us to set up and send the proofs to production as soon as we received design approval. Production was able to route and print the patterns and graphics within a two-day turnaround time.

We were able to schedule the installation team to be onsite on February 5th and complete the job by 1pm on the same date as their event. 

It left absolutely zero room for error but as we finished up, Steve mentioned that he would need more signs as the renovation continued.  So, before we left the site we went ahead and took measurements so we would be prepared to move when he was ready.

Our Values

Overall, this project speaks to our core values and our guarantee at Pinnacle Custom Signs.

We promise to do what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it, for the price we agreed upon. Our success as a team has always relied on repeat client satisfaction even if those visits are four years apart. 

The biggest compliment we receive from our clients in the repeat business, and we will jump through hoops to attempt to fulfill those requests.  We would love to count your business among our clientele.  Please feel free to reach out to us if you want a sign company that values your relationship.  We are here to help you with all your sign needs.