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Tackling Mental Health Issues on Campus through Signage

Over the past six and a half years, Georgia State University has been a loyal customer. The relationship started with a phone call from the head of the Renovations Department about a single sign. After receiving the call in the first few weeks of working at Pinnacle, Stephen jumped at the opportunity.

Stephen secured the first job with an entire floor of ADA signs and that started a great relationship. Through word of mouth, Stephen has gained over 75 contacts doing jobs all over campus.

Some times the jobs seem normal with an ADA sign here or there. Other jobs with dimensional lettering for different departments tend to be more interesting.

However, every once and a while we are offered the opportunity to quote and complete very different and interesting jobs that aren’t the usual letters or graphics.

Suicide Prevention Signage

In February, Stephen met with Gowri, a GSU Project Manager, to discuss a new project. This project would be for new signs to go on the top of every parking deck, as well as the balcony of certain buildings.

These signs would be for Suicide Prevention.

In the past year or so, suicide prevention has come to light more and more within society. This is a growing concern and we want to help those in need have raised awareness.

There are a number of resources for those struggling and looking for an answer. These signs were Georgia State’s answer to helping in the fight.

The design team at Pinnacle took the wording and design elements that GSU was looking for, along with the signature GSU Blue, Red, and White to create an eye-popping sign to catch the attention of all those in need.

These signs were placed on top of multiple parking decks as well as the balcony of the Aderhold Building. They offer the message “Are you looking for a sign” with multiple phone numbers any concerned individual can call for help.

The Mental Health Problem on Campus

According to the Suicide Prevention Resource Center, Suicide is a leading cause of death among students in the United States. And many other students struggle with suicidal thoughts and other mental health problems while on campus.

Many colleges and universities across the county have started a proactive approach to identifying and promoting help for those with mental health problems.

Research has shown that identifying and reaching out to disconnected and isolated students and supporting connectedness among traditionally marginalized or higher-risk student groups has been effective in combating this problem.

Like Georgia State, many college campuses are looking for new ways to promote help-seeking by reducing the burden of stigma associated with mental health problems and increasing access to mental health resources and support. Georgia State’s use of signage in areas like the parking deck are a great visual representation of increasing access and awareness of mental health resources.

Pinnacle is here to help you expand your message. We are not limited to only helping businesses market their services, we are able to help share hope and resources to anyone who is willing to look for the signs.

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