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The Value of Outdoor Signs – Learn from C2 Education

We were pleased to have Bill Black from C2 Education join us last week for our filming of Behind the Scenes to discuss the value of outdoor signs for his business.  C2 Education is one of our national accounts where we produce and install signage for their locations across the United States.

During the interview with Behind the Scenes,  Bill mentioned one key fact:  15-20% of all their business is derived from their outdoor signage.   The company is sure of this because they track each new student that enters their doors. 

Bill Black from C2 Education | Behind the Scenes
Bill Black from C2 Education during filming of Behind the Scenes

C2 places a great emphasis on consistent and recognizable signage.  The company wants to ensure that when someone sees their signage, they know what the business provides clients.  The consistency of the signage is crucial because C2 is located in so many locations around the country.

More than Outdoor Signs

Pinnacle handles the production and installation of anything from channel letters, lobby signs and window decals for the C2 Education corporation.   In the last three months, Pinnacle has handled the installation of signs in Manhasset, NY, Boca Raton, FL, West Palm Beach, FL, and Wilton, CT.

Using the overall brand guidelines and concepts, we have ensure the continuity of the C2 image for each of these different locations.  C2 has a set a brand standard for their locations that stays consistent regardless of geographic location.  However, the specific set up of those brand guidelines can vary from among location depending on they physical make up of the building.  Most of the locations are in strip centers that allow for outdoor channel letters and window graphic branding.  However, not all strip centers are the same!  Yet C2’s overall branding concept remains consistent because they have the signs produced and install overseen by Pinnacle to ensure consistency.

Interior Signage for C2
Interior Signage for C2 using brand guidelines

The Value of the Signage

The value to C2 Education is measurable in their return on investment to their commitment to signage. As Americans continue to become an increasingly mobile society, hitting a moving target is a priority for C2 Education.

On average, a vehicle is driven 220 miles per week. This makes drivers a captive audience to your sign marketing.  Capturing that traffic with outdoor signage allows people to consider your business location and brand the business as an accessible daily destination.

Outdoor signage also represents the opportunity to capture new clientele as they relocate within your trade area. Surveys have shown that over half of new customers were first exposed to a business through the sign. In the case of C2 Education, this is 15 – 20% of their business.

Your sign reflects your business. It is the very first impression your business will project; a “salesman on the street” that extends your offerings into the vehicles passing by. The sign’s effectiveness is directly related to its visibility, readability and attractiveness. No other single item can enhance the image of your business to more people.

Outdoor Signage for C2 Education Boca Raton
Outdoor Signage for C2 Education Boca Raton

An effective and attractive sign also functions as a tool for branding, increasing the name recognition and awareness of your business to the public. For those drivers that do not convert immediately into a sale, your business name and location are reinforced on every pass.

Per the U.S. Small Business Administration, “Signs are the most effective, yet least expensive, form of advertising for the small business.”   C2 Educations’ statistics back’s up this claim.

Pinnacle assist companies every day to create brand consistency among their various signage locations.  Give us a call for a complementary consultation.