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National TV Series Behind the Scenes to feature Pinnacle Custom Signs

Behind the Scenes TV ShowBetween printing out signs for various customers around the country the last week, Pinnacle did quite a bit of work this week to our own offices.  Primarily because the public broadcast show Behind the Scenes with James Earl Jones will be in town to film our company for one of their business spotlights.

Behind the Scenes

The TV show specializes in thirty minute and short-form Public Television stories highlighting specific industries and topics. The show highlights industry professionals and groundbreaking organizations as featured content providers.

“Behind The Scenes” boasts award winning producers, writers, videographers, and editors with years of cumulative production experience.  By capturing the true essence of each short form documentary, the program is able to effectively educate and communicate the most crucial stories to a wide audience- both through Public Television distribution.  “Behind The Scenes” is hosted by industry veteran James Earl Jones.

Office Bathroom Wall Graphics How we got selected

The crew from Behind the Scenes reached out to the owners of Pinnacle Custom Signs — Don and Theresa Conklin— this past summer to pique their interest in appearing on the show.  Pinnacle’s stellar work in the sign industry garnered the producer’s attention and interest in producing an episode of Behind the Scenes in the sign industry.  Pinnacle’s ability to grow from a local sign retailer in Buford to a company that has grown into a national sign producer and installer for their clients peaked the shows interest.

Theresa Conklin, CEO of the Company, was honored to be considered for the production among numerous sign businesses in the United States. “I am excited about the opportunity to show the work we do as well as to highlight how important it is for businesses to use consistent branding in all their signage.”

“It was a surprise to both of us to be chosen, but I am excited about showing off a little bit the work that we have done to build this company from nothing to where it is after 5 years.” stated Don Conklin co-Owner of the company.

Both Conklins reiterated that they were very humbled in this process. Don noted “Being able to bring jobs to the community as well as helping businesses increase their revenues through signage is more satisfaction then I have ever had while working in corporate America.”

The crew from Behind the Scenes will be filming at Pinnacle Custom Signs live in Buford during the first week of November.  The final production will be aired lived nationally on public broadcast stations across the United States over the next year.

What we hope to show the world

From the amazing staff to some of our most recent vehicle graphics, each individual element is what makes Pinnacle Custom Signs unique in the huge sea of sign companies.  We hope the filming of the show highlights great insights into the process behind creating great branding for businesses and the elements Pinnacle brings together to create a great customer experience.

Make sure to stay in touch with us on our social media channels to get plenty of “behind the scenes” looks at the filming of “Behind the Scenes”.

And as always, we offer free consultations on any sign work.  Give us a call and we will be glad to help you achieve your best signage.