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Vehicle Graphics for the Entire New Vroom Fleet

The Pinnacle team has always worked with clients across the US to ensure continuity and branding from signage and graphics. 

The past year was no exception to our traditional services but 2020 seemed to increase our work with new national clients. We saw a lot of work with clients like Mavis, TMobile, and one of our largest graphics orders to date – Vroom.

Vroom promotes themselves as a better way to buy or sell a car. Vroom specializes in buying, reconditioning, and selling used cars all from a virtual platform that will deliver everything to your door.

The firm makes the purchase and delivery of these used cars as easy as possible.  Part of that plan is preparing the delivery fleet of transport rollback trucks.

fleet graphics installation for Vroom transport trucks

Custom Truck Wraps For Vroom

Lucky for us, one of the largest producers of car transport carriers is the US – Cottrell Industries – is located just minutes from our office in Gainesville, GA.

Our proximity to Cottrell is fortunate because they reached out to our team to wrap the carriers prior to being delivered to their facility. Cottrell is the industry leader in over-the-road car haulers and equipment.

After some negotiations, we agreed to a price and a time frame and were chosen to wrap their 50 brand-new flatbed car haulers.  Our design team matched the red color of their brand, which we did with a solid cast wrap material from Avery. Next, we went through the design/revision process to lay out the wrap to Vroom’s satisfaction.

We were able to use a solid color wrap material from Avery, since the Avery red matched the pantone of Vrooms logo.  However, this job added a whole new experience for logistical challenges.

The Logistical Challenges of Fleet Graphics

commercial vehicle wraps for multiple Vroom transports

Pinnacle is picking the vehicles up from Cottrell upon completion then bringing them to down at our facility to complete the wraps. 

Due to our limited space, we need to get vehicles out quickly so we can bring in the next load. Day-to-day we have been wrapping up to 3 trucks daily. Once complete, we arrange a transporter to take them to Vroom.

The biggest challenges has been getting the newly wrapped trucks off our property in time to make room for the incoming trucks that need to be wrapped.  We continue to be on pace to complete 7-10 trucks a week through the end of January.

Since we began, our team continues to grow and expand in both personnel and in production facility space.  The commercial fleet graphics project for Vroom is a good representation of our ability to complete large fleet wrap jobs for firms both locally and nationally.  Although we may have to work through challenges such as parking, we are always able to find solutions to your graphic and sign needs.