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What Kind of Sign is the Best for Your Business?

Advertising and marketing make the business world go ‘round, so it is not surprising that one of your main considerations as a business owner should be what kind of signage would put your best foot forward. Not having a sign of some kind to let people know you are there and want to do business with them is like a death sentence in a world of commerce. Competition is fierce for the consumer dollar, so getting your name noticed is key. There are many different types of signs and they all serve different purposes. Here are some examples to consider.

Styles of Signs and Best Applications

  • Vinyl or wraps for vehicles. A great choice for florists, service vehicles, caterers, bus lines and a wide variety of other on-the-road advertising
  • Outdoor lighted signs show up well from a distance and are eye-catching
  • Window and door graphics – Welcome your clients and show them they are in the right place
  • Banners and trade show products are great for setting up in temporary situations to keep business flowing
  • Monument or marquee style signs are a good solution at the entry to the campus of a school, mall, special events venue, hospital or many other types of businesses

Deciding which type or combination of types of signage is a big decision. It is helpful to first decide what your target audience is. Is all or the bulk of your business done online? Are you a single office, large factory or business complex? Do your customers come to your location or are you an onsite service-oriented business? Are you located in an area where a lighted sign would help you get noticed better?

Of course, knowing what you want your sign to say is critical to the success of it. Make sure it says who you are and conveys in some way what you do. Contact the professionals at Pinnacle Custom Signs to walk you through the process from design to style to installation. Call us at 678-509-6423 or send an email today to start creating attention-getting signage that boosts your visibility and customer base.