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Why Work With a Sign Company?

Electronic Monument Outdoor Sign | Good Deeds | Pinnacle Custom Signs |Lilburn, GA

If you’re a business owner, you already know that when it comes to acquiring new customers, first impressions count for almost everything. A business that has a professional, well-designed sign and company logo will help lead new customers to recognize that the quality of work or services offered should also be professional and well-thought-out. On … Read more

3 Quick Tips to Create the Best Outdoor Sign Design

It’s important that your business strike the right brand image and messaging. Your outdoor sign design plays an important role in those areas. It helps you attract foot traffic and stand out from your competition. There are three quick tips that can optimize your sign’s impact. Focal Point Your sign needs to pop, especially when … Read more

Bringing Pinnacle to a City Near You

Pinnacle Custom Signs Coming to a City Near Your

During the filming of our soon to be released segment for the PBS show Behind the Scenes, we also got the opportunity to film our first television commercial to be featured in several markets around the United States. We recently finished the rendering of this commercial and wanted to share with our audience four things … Read more

10 Reasons We Are Thankful in 2016


The week of Thanksgiving causes many people to stop and reflect on the many reasons they should be grateful.  Just like millions of Americans, Pinnacle has much to be thankful for this year.  From our clients to our commitments, here are 10 reasons we are thankful in 2016.

There are so many reasons we are grateful that we can not possibly list them all.  So we are highlighting the most important ones for you.

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National TV Series Behind the Scenes to feature Pinnacle Custom Signs

Behind the Scenes TV ShowBetween printing out signs for various customers around the country the last week, Pinnacle did quite a bit of work this week to our own offices.  Primarily because the public broadcast show Behind the Scenes with James Earl Jones will be in town to film our company for one of their business spotlights.

Behind the Scenes

The TV show specializes in thirty minute and short-form Public Television stories highlighting specific industries and topics. The show highlights industry professionals and groundbreaking organizations as featured content providers.

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Vanguard Digital VR5D Flatbed Printer Arrives

Who doesn’t like new technology? New iPhone out and you’ve got to get one, right (even though your current one works just fine)? Let’s face it, technology’s goal is to make our lives easier and more efficient.  This is no different with the sign industry.  Recently, we invested in one of the latest tools used in the sign industry, a flatbed printer.

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