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Benefits of Large Format Printing

We all know the economy’s status and we all hold our dollars tight for our advertising budget. Business owners have a low budget and high demand for the big “Wow!” factor in their advertising. All of us business owners know what is most important… cash in our pockets and making sure it doesn’t all “fall out”.

Wide Format Printing Services
Thinking outside of the box…a mini fridge wrap for OMG!!! Energy Shots and floor graphic.

We Offer Wide Format Printing Services

So how do you keep your advertising cash in your pocket? The real-estate you already own or rent! You have floor to ceiling opportunities (literally) to advertise your heart out and get that “Wow!” factor from your customers. How? Large Format Printing.  Here are just a few examples on how to benefit that “extra” space…

  • Blank windows? You can apply either regular vinyl or perforated “see through” vinyl with literally just about anything you want printed on them. This is your time to get creative with your space and wisely. Capture your message…capture your audience.
  • Bare flooring? Utilize that bare canvas! Technology has made a major breakthrough in the capabilities of floor vinyl. How many times have you walked out of the grocery store and forgot the milk, the most needed item on your list? I bet it wouldn’t slip your mind if on the way out there was a big graphic asking you, “Did you forget the milk?”.
  • You don’t have to stop at the obvious. One local restaurant uses the backs of their wooden booths as advertising space.

The key point is that you already own the space so why not utilize it by applying the latest technologies? You don’t want the cash in your pocket to “fall out” so give that advertising budget a stretch in a new direction.

Large Format Printing for Vehicle Wraps
Traffic Jams needed a design that made noise, just like the audio equipment they install in cars and boats. This one really makes a statement.

Can you stretch this even farther with another blank canvas you already own? Absolutely! Apply graphics to your vehicle, either company owned or your own vehicle. Get your graphic in traffic and on the move. Your business is the highlight of the road, even more so when you’re sitting in traffic or at a red light…everyone is forced to stare at your vehicle’s message. Vehicle graphics come in a variety of forms and it’s not permanent, so you don’t have to stick with it forever if you don’t want to. From basic lettering and magnets, all the way to another “Wow” factor with a full or partial wrap. Get competitive and get moving!

Here at Pinnacle Custom Signs, we are fully equipped and ready to help you in utilizing all of your prime time real-estate in the most innovative ways that go above and beyond just a banner announcing your latest sale or message.

Get creative and go large!