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Business Challenges: Branding

Branding is an issue that every business, for-profit and non-profit, must actively deal with. Why? Branding is critical to helping customers remember your business when they need your products or services. The core goal of marketing is to amplify your branding to bring in new customers; without a consistent brand message, that can’t be done. … Read more

A Mighty Interior Signage Project for Pinnacle Bank’s New Location in West Athens, GA

The Pinnacle Custom Signs Team was contacted by Mighty 8th Media and Pinnacle Bank back in May for a consultation about the interior signage for their newest location on the west side of Athens, GA.  Pinnacle Bank has very specific and very creative brand guidelines for their properties which often makes signage challenging when they … Read more

Pinnacle is keeping abreast of all the current recommendations and following all protocols as outlined by our community leaders.
At this time, we have no plans to shut our offices down due to the Corona virus situation.
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