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Reflective Vinyl Extends the Effectiveness of Vehicle Graphics

We recently worked with Bruce Troville at Troville Insurance to add vehicle graphics to the rear window of his Expedition.  Although we have done many graphics for vehicle throughout the years, this one was a bit different.  Bruce wanted to use reflective vinyl so that his mobile branding could be seen during business hours and at night. 

Custom Reflective Vinyl Lettering | White Reflective Lettering

Reflective Vinyl

Vinyl films that are reflective are retroreflective. Basically, when light hits the reflective surface, it isn’t reflected to the light source. Instead, it’s reflected in multiple directions. Any onlooker can see the shine from pretty much any angle.

Reflective material is often seen on emergency vehicles by mandate. Ambulances, fire vehicles, police cruisers, and other first responders use reflective vinyl for the safety of bystanders and in order to been seen. Reflectives are also used on signage; from stop signs to wayfinding signage to light the way. However, reflectives can be used in many places for the same effect.

Reflective Vehicle Graphics

Using the same philosophy as emergency vehicles, reflective vinyl can be added to any graphic applied to a car to help the message stand out as the vehicle travels down the road.  Bruce used this same theory to make sure the name and contact information for his business could be seen around the clock.

Other Uses Such as Reflective Vinyl Wraps!

Reflective Vinyl can be used on almost any signage that needs to be seen around the clock from post and panel signs to monument signs that need to be easily identified after the sun goes down.

Bruce shared with us that since adding the reflective vinyl he has been stopped on several occasions while out and about to inquire about affordable insurance rates.  So, the bottom line is that the reflective vinyl used in his graphics have worked well for him.

Do you have a project or sign that would be enhanced by using reflective vinyl?  If you have questions about whether reflective vinyl would work well for you, give us a call.  Consultations are always free of charge.