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Using Graphics in the Workspace

Graphics can be used for a variety of reasons in the business setting.  We often talk about utilizing vehicle graphics for mobile branding, window graphics for marketing and wall graphics for various purposes – but graphics can be applied on any space effectively if you consider the elements.

Vehicle Graphics

VPlumbing Truck Wrap Designs | Plumbing Truck Graphicsehicle Graphics can be found on anything with wheels.  At Pinnacle, we have installed graphics on golf carts, cars, SUV’s, RV’s, many fleets of vans and service trucks – even large cargo trucks and pump trucks.

Work related vehicles can use both window space and panels of the vehicle to make sure that those who pass them on the road or in the neighborhoods they service see their brand and gain familiarity or contact information.

Storefront Window Graphics | Creative Window GraphicsWindow Graphics

Window space for any brick and mortar location is a great surface to put up creative window graphics that show your business call to action and speak to those who see it.  If you are having a seasonal sale or want to give visual images of the types of services your business provides, then using your window space may be a great option.

We install storefront window graphics frequently in locations like Workout Anytime and Family Orthodontics to promote specials and encourage foot traffic from the sidewalk through the front door.

Custom Wall Graphics | Wall Decals QuotesWall Graphics

Wall Graphics can be used to inspire, convey, or promote.  Many professional organizations use wall graphics to inspire the work force to strive for success.  Some businesses use wall graphics to convey mission statements and branding for foot traffic throughout the building.

Another increasing popular use of wall graphics in recent years has been their incorporation into design elements of a work space.  We recently did a graphic wall for a local company that wanted to show off design features in their new event venue.  Southern Grace, located in Flowery Branch, figured out how to incorporate a great use of cotton patterns in their soon to be new location.

Other Canvases

Graphics can be used in on practically any surface if you consider the environment.  For example, we recently installed graphics on the floor of BGE – twice!

We originally installed vinyl graphics on the floor to create a barrier between the staff and those who aren’t employees of BGE about two years ago.  The vinyl graphics served their purpose to alert visitors to safety and security from traveling beyond the location. However, it wasn’t effective against forklifts.  So we recreated the same graphics, stripped the floor and painted the same image.

Floor Graphics for Concrete | Floor Canvases for Floors

The lesson in this job for BGE is that any surface can be utilized for workplace graphics if you consider all the environmental factors surrounding the graphics beforehand.  Providing your sign company with these details can help determine the best method of applying your message up front.