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Types of Outdoor Lighted Sign Faces

When purchasing an outside lighted box or can sign, one of the decisions that needs to be made is the type of sign face you would like to have.  There are several different options for outdoor lighted sign faces that give you flexibility in design, appearance and price and help you to achieve the perfect look for your new sign.

Below are some standard options.

Can sign with Flat Acrylic Face | Backlit Sign Material
Lighted Can Sign with Flat Acrylic Face covered with translucent vinyl

Outdoor Lighted Sign Replacement Panels

Flat Acrylic Face

These faces are made of flat acrylic with vinyl prints on them.  The prints are made with translucent vinyl to allow the light to shine brightly through the print.  This is a cost-effective way to make a sign face, especially if the sign is smaller in nature and can be made with a standard 4′ by 8′ or 5′ by 10′ piece of acrylic.

Pan Acrylic Face

pan face for lighted sign | Outdoor Lighted Sign Replacement Panels
Can Sign with Pan Face. Note how the face comes “out” of the can.

These faces are called pan faces because they are not flat, but are raised from the sign cabinet by a specified height.  Most times the pan is 1-3” in depth.

These types of faces are more expensive that regular acrylic ones, but are used to give a more three-dimensional look to the sign. These faces can be painted for a more vibrant look (as shown in the photo) or be covered with translucent vinyl images.

The advantage that the pan brings over a flat acrylic panel covered with translucent vinyl is that the light inside the sign can be seen without the shadow of the light bulbs themselves, as is sometimes the case with the flat acrylic faces.

Embossed Acrylic Face

Embossed Pan Face with a three dimensional look to the face of the sign.
Embossed Pan Face which provides a three-dimensional look to the face of the sign.

These faces are like pan faces, but the words or logos are embossed, or raised, on the sign surfaces.  These are custom-made for each job.  The manufacturing process is also very involved since the faces are hand painted as the sign face itself is created.  These faces are the most expensive in this area, but also have a dynamic look to them that you can not get with a plain acrylic face.

Flex Face Building Sign | Marque Sign Replacement Panels
This building sign is made of “Flex Face”, which is designed for large sign faces where durability and uniform light transmission are important.

Flex Face

This is a face made of a specialized fabric that is printed on and is then stretched to fit the sign cabinet.  This type of face is typically used on larger sign faces or those that are in odd shapes.  They are a cost-effective means of having a large, great looking sign.

When making the choice as to what sign face to use, consult your sign professional.  They will have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the decision-making process based on the sign location, visibility and a number of other factors.

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