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5 Signs for Real Estate Sales | How to drive to traffic to your property

The market has ebbed and flowed over the last few years for real estate, but one constant in the market is the need for signs.  Commercial and residential property alike need to identify and point interested buyers in the direction of their listings.

Agents and builders have several different options to drive traffic through signage.  As with all sign decisions, it often comes down to location, budget, and type of property when making those choices.  Here are just a few of the real estate sign options for marketing a for sale or for lease location.

keller williams real estate signs
Coroplast Signs used in typical yard signs are often temporary solutions

Yard Signs

Yard Signs can come in various forms and sizes.  Traditional signs range from 18 x 24, 24 x 18, or 24 x 36 coroplast signs that are held in the ground by H-stakes, T-Bars, or metal frames.  These signs  are used in residential listings to help identify a property to someone looking for a home or to catch the attention of passing traffic.

Larger Real Estate Post signs are also used on for sale properties.  These signs use clips to hang the coroplast signage from a post arm and provide the listing agent with a sign that is higher from the ground.

Rider Pins allow for agents to extend the sign length to include additional information, under contract signs, Lot signs, or Sold markets on top of the standard signage.  There are also metal frames that allow and sign to include both the standard signage and the rider within on unit.

commercial real estate signs | metal real estate signs
Post and Panel Sign for The Daughtry House

Post and Panel Signs

Larger properties or commercial listings often utilize larger post and panel or V-signs that display acreage and agent information. Commercial properties are typically found on along busier corridors that need to be more visible to the increased traffic passing by a location.  These signs utilize 4 x 4 pressure treated boards to mount a sign made of plywood or poly substance where vinyl graphics are applied to create the message.

Large tracts of land can be found on more rural roads but typically use larger signs to show several acres available at one time.  Post and panel signs can be anchored by concrete to ensure a longer life span and stand up to natural elements such as water and wind.

Weekend Directional Signage

You may have noticed smaller signs located at busy intersections that seem to pop up overnight and disappear as soon as Monday morning traffic is making their daily commute.   These signs are typically used by agents who are marketing a new construction community with several new properties for sale in a single area.

Weekend directional signage is made from standard coroplast material with pockets on the back to hold wooden stakes that are easy for inserting and replacing the signs on a more frequent basis.    These signs are designed to be light weight and easy to install and replace with frequency.

Subdivision Monument Sign for Cook Residential
Subdivision Monument Sign for Cook Residential

Entrance Signage

In both commercial and residential real estate, it is typical to see two types of entrance signage.  One is the standard and more permanent subdivision or business park entrance monument sign.  The other is a large post and panel sign identifying the location, price point, and sales information.

Permanent monument signs are designed to be long lasting and provide identification for people who are looking for an entrance while driving to a location.  In a residential setting, they can simply include the name of the neighborhood such as the signs for Holly Oak and Mulberry Estates.  In a commercial office park setting these signs can include the name of the park and also list the names of the business residing in the park.

real estate open house signsWayfinding Signage

Depending on where a property is located, it may be necessary to install wayfinding signage. Wayfinding signage is installed to point traffic in the direction of your location along more highly traveled access roads.  In some cases, for commercial properties, this is handled by the city or county to point traffic in the direction of economic development centers and business parks.

In the case of growing residential communities, real estate agents (like Keller Williams) and builders often install variations of post and panel signs along the route to point people in the right direction with mileage markers on their signs.

Other Real Estate Signs

Although almost all real estate signage falls into one of these categories, it is not the total realm of possibilities for signage needs in the commercial and residential real estate industry.  From lot signs to mark available properties in new communities, to address markers for office parks, there are a lot of potential signage needs that can be as customized as the space.

If you have ideas or need someone who has experience to determine the best signage for you needs, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.  We never charge for consultations.