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Building Better Signage Branding for the Clients of Better Beans

Pinnacle works with contract installers and services providers to assist our clients as needed.

One of our outsourced vehicle wrap installers, Ted, came to us with a project and a pitch a few months back. He had stepped into a new business along with a few partners and were working as Better Beans Branding.

Partnering with Better Beans Branding

Better Beans Branding has started a joint project by working on rebranding daycare centers and schools, such as Summit Kids Academy in Lake Worth, Florida.

custom wood signs produced in-house

As they worked on rebranding the schools, Ted approached his partners to let them know he had a great sign company who could assist with all the new signage for the facilities. 

The Better Beans’ team used Ted’s experience in the sign industry for suggestions on materials and finishes he had seen and used in the past.

His insights allowed Pinnacle to start by producing cut acrylic signs with tactile and braille for restrooms, as well as birchwood signs.

Over time, the birchwood signs evolved into our team using the flat-bed printer to print a clean woodgrain background behind the ink.

The signage further evolved for Better Beans as Pinnacle gained new machinery and skills.

When we acquired our laser printers, we started to work on laser cut acrylic signs with a more finished and clean edge than our previous rotary cutting. Next, our new paint system allowed us to start to paint the acrylic to provide a clean look and match PMS colors.

Using Wood Signs

Of all the signage we have worked with Better Beans to produce, we think the directly printed birchwood signs for Summit Kids Academy are some of the coolest from a visual standpoint.  Better Beans’ client – Summit Kids Academy- provides an invigorating and safe learning environment where children are encouraged to both explore and learn.  

custom lobby signs and logo sign for Summit Kids Academy in Florida

The signs for Summit Ridge are created by taking a 4’ by 8’ sheet of birch wood on our 5’ by 10’ CNC Router in order to cut the wood into designated shapes and sizes. After the shapes are routed, we sand the edges clean.  Then we take these shapes, place them on our 5’ by 10’ Flatbed printer and print the designated colors and or images on each piece.

There are two different methods we use to print on the birch. One is by applying a white background to eliminate the wood grain background. The sides of the signs still show the great look of the birch, but the face has just the image.

The second method is to use the woodgrain behind the ink. The image is clear and vibrant, with a wood background and edges to give the finished sign a clean sleek look.

Working Together To Help Businesses Grow

What began as a contract B2B relationship where he assisted the Pinnacle team with vehicle graphics turned into a great overall signage relationship were our team could assist Ted’s new endeavor.

Pinnacle often meets our best long-term clients through third party services.  We are proud to be able to be a great partner for so many marketing and branding firms around the county. It gives us a chance to build relationships and help provide services for those we might otherwise never meet.

If your firm needs a signage partner for your clients, feel free to give us a call to see how we can help you to provide better services to your clients.  If you need direct services, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a quote.