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It can pay to make Signage decisions for your Business

Signage can mean more to a business than branding and awareness.  Recent data suggests that signs are a direct link to increased profits for retailers.

A retail store’s approach to signage plays a huge role in getting potential customers through the door, and can even influence in-store behavior. – John Egan, Sign Expo

Retailer's Signage Ideas | Business Signage IdeasCreating indoor and outdoor signage that grabs a customer’s attention can attract new customers and generate larger purchases.  Anything from window graphics, in-store displays, car clings, posters, and banners can have a direct effect on the consumer behavior while working with your business.  The recent report by John Egan had the following insights to share about a surveys conducted around the country:

  1. Customers believe that a company with a badly designed or unattractive sign will offer an inferior product or unprofessional service.
  2. If a sign is missing altogether from a storefront, 60 percent of consumers surveyed by FedEx said they wouldn’t enter the business.
  3. In a study by the University of Cincinnati, more than 225 local and national businesses collectively reported that signage upgrades spurred an average sales increase of 12 percent.
  4. More than one-third of the people surveyed for the American Grocery Shopper Study reported they’d been persuaded to enter a store because of attractive signage.
Business Signage for Outdoors | Business Signage Tips
This comment from one of our LinkedIn followers emphasizes the value of keeping your business signs fresh.

What does that mean for your company? 

It is important to make clear and informed decision about your company’s signage needs.  Do you have signs?  Do you have signs in all the right places?  Are you missing out on signage in non-traditional avenues?  Here is some food for thought:

    • It’s always better to have a few signs than no sign at all.
    • A professionally designed and produced sign is better than one created by hand.
    • Signs without errors make the best impressions so take the time to do it right.
    • Updating your signage could boost traffic and sales.

It can literally pay to make informed and thoughtful signage decisions for your business.  For more information or a consultation about ways to improve traffic to your business, give us a call or fill out our quote form and let our design team help out.