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Channel Letters for a Neighboring New Franchise

In early January on a Saturday morning we received a request for quote in email from our website.  Don picked up the phone and called the contact within a few minutes of getting the notification and reached Sandy Johnson, who along with her husband Bobby were opening up a new store less than ½ mile from our office, Renegade Classics. 

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The new Renegade Classics in Buford

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Renegade Classics is a franchise that opens stores that sell motorcycle clothing and accessories to motorcycle enthusiasts.

After talking with Sandy we arranged for a meeting and came up with some designs for her outdoor building sign.  She needed to keep the colors and feel of Renegade’s corporate look, but also wanted it to fit on the building and maximize her allowable signage space.

Renegade Classics met some challenges in the design process. Sandy wanted her sign to emulate another Renegade Classics branch in Arizona. Going by only a picture, we managed to duplicate the design perfectly!

Renegade sign in Tuscon, AZ used as a model

Due to sizing restrictions by the city of Buford, Sandy had to eliminate the original “Biker Outlet” portion from the sign. Luckily she felt that the logo illustrated the type of retail sufficiently, and we agreed!

We utilized the maximum space allowed and created a sign with great visibility and style.  The LED Channel Letter Sign is very noticeable and is bringing traffic to her already.

In addition to the sign, we also did her marquee signs, door vinyl, and a “Coming Soon” banner that was hung before the big sign came.  As we have done for other new businesses who order channel letters, we provided their “Coming Soon” banner at no cost.

They have recently opened and are starting to generate business.  Good luck to them in the months ahead.