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Stepping it up a Notch: Going from Partial Vehicle Wraps to a Full Van Wrap

Leonel Castillo of Castillo Painting has been a good customer of ours since shortly after we started our business.  Castillo Painting was founded fourteen years ago with a vision of providing a reliable, competitive painting and remodeling service that would become one of the finest in the metro-Atlanta area.  He proudly displays his motto, “Quality work that sets us apart” on all his vehicles. Full Van Wrap | Van Wrap Design Costs

We have done many small signs for him and partially wrapped two vehicles: a KIA Soul and a pick-up truck, which can be seen in the two smaller pictures at the bottom of the page.

Enhancing His Visibility With A Full Van Wrap

With his business continuing to grow, he recently decided to add vans to his fleet.  And, for the first time, he wanted a full van wrap instead of a partial wrap or enhanced graphics as we did in the previous two vehicles.

He sat down with our production manager and lead designer, Joanne, to start the process.  Leonel wanted to keep some aspects of his previous graphics including color, font, and logos. However, he wanted the wrap to also highlight his painting business.

After a few variations, Joanne came up with the interesting concept of having the wrap look like a newly painted wall, along with roller marks and a roller, while keeping the colors and text found on his partial wraps. The final design left no doubt that he was in the painting business.

After the custom van wrap design and print, the install was completed and Leonel was extremely happy with how branded his new vehicle is now, and plans to do a second van in the next few weeks.  He is looking forward to getting his brand noticed as his crew drives around town sporting his new vehicle design.

Although different vehicles, as well as different types of graphic applications,
there is a consistency in the look of all of Castillo’s vehicles.