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Ensuring Graphic Brand Standards for Workout Anytime Franchisees

As any business knows, branding is key to getting your business recognized. However, most large companies spend good money ensuring that the brand has a unique image that differentiates it from its competitors. To do this, brand standards are usually established to make sure that image is consistent everywhere it is used. This process is vital in the franchise business model.

Replacing a Sign using Brand Standards
When this sign at the Suwanee location needed to be replaced, the owner brought it into compliance with brand standards

Franchise Branding Standards For Signage

Workout Anytime is a nationwide chain of 24-Hour gyms. In 2014, we started working with one of the franchisees, Randy Cleavenger, who owns the Flowery Branch location which is located not far from our facility. Not too long after we finished Randy’s project, he referred us to the corporate offices of the franchise.

The corporate office is beginning a process of ensuring all of their franchisees are living up to the branding standards for their signage across the country. In the past, it was the responsibility of the franchisee to find a sign company and get their own sign, and often they did not follow the corporate brand standards.

Additionally, the corporate office had recently made some changes to the standard, one of which was to change the color of the sign faces from white to their specific shade of red. So, in order to ensure that brand standards are maintained, now all graphics, i.e. window graphics and interior signage, will be provided to the franchisees by the corporate office. They can still get their outside lighted sign from the vendor of their choice, but are also referred to our team as an option.

Replacing Sign Faces to Brand Standards
Although there was nothing wrong with this sign, the owner decided to change the sign faces to bring it into compliance with the new corporate brand standards.

Obtaining Brand Standards Compliance via a Repair Job

Recently, the owner of Workout Anytime Suwanee, Bill Aicklen, notified us that a delivery truck had destroyed the channel letter sign on the side of his facility and needed to be replaced. We took the opportunity to replace the sign with one that followed the new brand standard.

While we were doing the work, Bill asked us if we could replace the sign faces of his larger sign on the front of the building to also bring that sign into the corporate brand standard. To do this, we removed the current faces and had new ones routed and applied the appropriate color vinyl to these new faces. This brought his club into compliance.

By working with Workout Anytime’s corporate office, we have had the opportunity to produce signage for over a dozen franchise owners, ensuring that all clubs have a consistent look and feel.

Having clubs all over the country and memberships that can be used at any club, any time day or night, makes fitness and exercise easy for all members. Now all their clubs will have the same look and feel, no matter which club you use.

If you are looking for a sign company to make sure that your brand standards are handled consistently on your advertising efforts, give us a call or fill out or request a quote form.