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Gaining Corporate Identity through Lobby Signs

We have worked over the past few months with several corporate customers who have offices and lobby spaces when visitors first come into their location. Often, a lobby sign sets a good impression when customers first enter your office. As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a first impression. These customers wanted to ensure their corporate identity and brand were clearly reflected to people as they entered their offices.

Importance of Corporate Identity Examples

With our new Gravograph IS800 routing and engraving machine, we have plenty of opportunities to make different and enhanced looking lobby signs, using different materials to create custom effects for each customer. Three of our recent lobby sign projects all create an impressive greeting to their customers although were each produced using different materials and fabrication methods.

Real Property Management Lobby Sign | Purpose of Corporate Identity

Real Property Management – Routed Acrylic Lettering & Logo Gives Color and Depth

For the Tim Grizzle and Beth Hunter at Real Property Management in Buford, GA, we routed their logo and letters out of colored acrylic that matched the colors of their brand.  After the acrylic was routed, we mounted it on a brushed aluminum backer and then mounted it on the wall with standoffs, creating a 3-dimensional look.

In creating their sign, we had the advantage that their brand colors matched the standard red and blue acrylic we can get from our suppliers.  This allows the color to be consistent from the face of the sign to the backer.

Lobby Sign - Rector, Reeder & Lofton, PCRector, Reeder and Lofton, PC – Using PVC and Vinyl to Match Corporate Colors

For Rhonda Nagel at Rector, Reeder and Lofton, PC it was important to highlight their new logo since they added a partner. Unlike Real Property Management, the brand colors for Rector, Reeder and Lofton were not standard; therefore, we had to use a different approach for their lobby sign.

For this sign, we routed the logo and lettering out of Black PVC and then applied printed vinyl with their colors to the PVC.  Then, just like the Real Property Management sign, we mounted this to a brushed aluminum backer and used standoffs and rounded corners.

Harman Law – Using Glass, Acrylic, and PVC to Achieve a GradientLobby Sign for Harman Law

Matt Harman at Harman Law also had a new logo, but this had color gradients, for which there would be no way for acrylic or any other material to be manufactured with the exact gradient.  However, our Hewlett-Packard LP25500 printer has the ability match the color gradient and print it on vinyl.

We decided to use tempered glass for the foreground and applied the company name in white acrylic to the face of the glass.  We then printed the background gradient colors on vinyl, applied it to a piece of thin PVC which we mounted to the back of the glass.  We then attached the entire sign to the wall using standoffs.  The overall effect was exactly what Matt and his Marketing team were anticipating.

As you can see above, there are many ways to brand your company.  Utilizing different techniques has allowed us to provide unique signage to all three of these customers, each having a different need.

If you are looking to make a great impression on your customers when they walk through your front door, give us call and let us know what you are trying to accomplish.  Our creative team can come up with a solution that will be uniquely yours.