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Getting Direction from the Department of Transportation ─ Wayfinding Directional Signs

If there is one organization that understands the importance of wayfinding signage, it is the Georgia Department of Transportation. They are responsible for providing direction for millions of people on our roads each day.  However, they recently realized that they needed help providing direction to a smaller but still significant amount of people in their own building.

Georgia Department Of Transportation GDOT Indoor Signs
Indoor Signs for the Georgia Department of Transportation

Department Of Transportation Signage Needs

Recently, Mike Johnson from the Georgia Department Of Transportation, GDOT, reached out to us after finding us online to inquire about helping them come up with a better way to direct people through their 20 floor building off West Peachtree Street in Atlanta.  It had become obvious that once people got off the elevator it was difficult to figure out where to go next.

In addition, they wanted to try and add a touch of class on the floor where the Commissioner, Legal Services, and Human Resource departments where located that conveyed the level of pride and professionalism that this State Department wants to convey.

Wayfinding Signs for Georgia Department Of Transportation GDOT
Wayfinding directional signage for the Georgia Department of Transportation

Department Of Transportation Wayfinding Signage Solution

After scheduling a meeting with Mike to go over the needs of the building, the departments that needed direction, and the options for adding that extra touch of class; our team went to work.

We made an effort to make sure that consistency and elegance where displayed throughout the bare wall space in the building.  Each floor had previously been using different methods to direct patrons which included anything from paper at the elevator exits, laminated signage, or no direction at all.  So we got a list of departments on each floor and created continuity in the look of the wayfinding signage that need to be located on each hallway.

We also worked with the Department of Transportation to incorporate seals, wall signs, and lettering to improve the quality of the space.  It was an honor to work with the Georgia Department of Transportation to help them provide the same level of direction in their building as they provide on the streets and highways of Georgia. We even included a three panel stretched canvas design to create an artistic element to the their look.

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