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Indoor Directional Signs – Tell People Where to Go (Part 1): Direct Visitors to the Right Suite

The Customer

Back in December of 2013 we received a call from a law firm in Lawrenceville, Coles Barton LLP. They were looking for some signage to identify their building and the suites located within it. Stephen went over to meet with the Office Manager, Brenda. At their first meeting, Stephen sat down with Brenda to discuss their needs and how Pinnacle might help them.

Indoor Directory | Suite Identification Signs | Directional Signs

The Business Problem

Brenda explained that Coles Barton LLP occupied the entire first floor of their building and they lease suites upstairs to different businesses. She continued by explaining how people for all the other tenants would walk into their suite and have to be directed around the building to the proper suites.  This led to them walking the grounds, both indoor and out, to determine where new directional signage could alleviate this situation.

Indoor Signs Point the Way

As previously discussed, the other tenants of the building are all on the second floor, which is accessed in the back of the building.

Stephen and Brenda talked about putting a directory on the wall directly inside the back door. This would help guide visitors to go upstairs and again clarify the specific suite each business occupied.

They then walked upstairs and decided they would also need to identify the individual suites and business residing there. After the walk through they began to talk about materials, colors, and ideas.

As they spoke about the interior signage, Stephen first suggested using brushed aluminum poly-metal name plates for the individual doors and a large brushed aluminum poly-metal sign with cut vinyl for the directory.

However, he later decided to offer another option which would look a little classier and use engraved materials. They decided to go with the engraved material solution, using a background color to match the existing wall color with black engraved lettering to match the black frames.

We then put this into a custom-made frame that matched the existing trim within the building. This video shows how the directory was made and the end results of the project.

Coles Barton LLP is very excited to see this happen and looks forward to less unnecessary foot traffic in their lobby.