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New Blade Sign for Pink Barre, a New Exercise Studio

Starting a new business, while exciting, it can also be daunting with all the many decisions you have to make.  One of those decisions involve the types of signs you will put outside and inside your building to attract customers to your brand.  We recently worked on two signs for a new exercise studio opening in the Atlanta area in the next few months.  Part One of this story focuses on the Blade Sign we created for them.

The Customer Wanted A Custom Blade Sign

Tara Joiner and her husband have created a new concept in fitness called Pink Barre.  They are planning on opening up two studios in the first quarter of 2014: one at Emory Pointe, directly across from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and one off Roswell Road, in the heart of Buckhead.Blade Sign Cost | Illuminated Blade Sign

Pink Barre strives to be a fitness and lifestyle concept with high quality, effective and safe programming for all clients.  Pink Barre is a barre-based total body workout that is a foundational exercise program combining core elements of Pilates, isometric strengthening, ballet, and yoga while using the ballet barre for support.

Tara approached us to make several types of signs for her new gym at Emory Pointe.  It was important throughout the entire process that we maintain her original branding and the overall atmosphere of the facility.

The Outside – A Blade Sign For Retail

Our first project was a hanging vertical blade sign.  A blade sign is a type of projecting sign mounted on a building facade, storefront pole or attached to a surface perpendicular to the sign’s surface and to the normal flow of traffic.

We decided that a three-dimensional, routed high density foam sign would be the perfect way to illustrate the modern feel of the Pink Barre logo.  High Density Urethane (HDU) is a highly durable substrate that is resistant to the elements and can be routed and then painted to give the specific look desired.

The blade sign design included attachment to the exterior brick wall using a steel arm and hung from chains.  After selecting the steel arm, Tara met with us to choose a Sherwin Williams custom paint color to match the Pantone 233 U pink color embedded in the Pink Barre logo.

After the sign was routed, Phillip hand-painted both sides pink and white to match the logo and installed the hanging hardware.  It looked great and was finally ready to be installed!

We look forward to working further with Tara as she hopes to expand.  In our next article, we will discuss how we created a unique lighted three-dimensional lobby sign.  Stay tuned!