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Installing Art to enhance the Apartment Experience for Apex West Midtown

A few years ago, Pinnacle Custom Signs began working with Venterra Realty. Venterra was founded in 2001 in Texas and has grown in both size and the number of states that they managed apartment homes in. Over the years, Venterra has remained true to the core roots of their brand, even as they expand across the southeastern United States.

The meaning behind the Apex logo
Venterra Logo

Venterra lives their brand identity where every element of their logo has significant meaning to the company. That is how our team knows that every sign and brand opportunity we have with Venterra is well planned and meaningful at heart.

This was definitely the case when they contacted us about the special project they had in mind for one of their fast-growing Atlanta properties.

Custom Artwork

Apex West MidtownApex apartment signs is an upscale apartment complex on the bustling Westside of Midtown Atlanta near Georgia Tech University. The complex is managed by Venterra Realty Company who is one of the larger property management operators in the Atlanta market.

Venterra’s motto of Live it. Love it. ™ exemplifies what the company is trying to accomplish at the Apex West Midtown Apartments.

These homes offer a great walkable location with modern amenities in one, two, and three-bedroom units. The facility also features parking, large patios/balconies, full-size washers and dryers, and much more including the ambiance they want to create through the feel of their open spaces.

Venterra knows that the competition for upscale apartment space in the Metro Atlanta area is getting fierce. Many new apartment complexes are being built around the Atlanta area. With the market expanding so rapidly, Venterra has also been positioning itself in new and redeveloped locations around the Atlanta market.

Teri Davis, the executive director for Atlanta region, wanted to try something new in one of Venterra’s properties. She asked us to create a unique piece of art that would show off the Atlanta skyline and help set the Apex Apartment brand apart in one of the community’s hallways.

Installing custom wall graphicsThe Process

Initially, Teri requested that we create the mural as a wall wrap for the property. However, there were some concerns about vandalism after our first conversation. Her second question was about the possibility of covering the wrap with acrylic to protect the design. So, our team at Pinnacle started to brainstorm options to make a large skyline mural a reality for the Venterra team.

We looked at several different options that included wallpaper and wall wraps but came up with utilizing a back printed design to help deter vandalism of the artwork itself. We collectively concluded that a mosaic of acrylic panels with the artwork printed on the back would be the best solution.

The Work

custom acrylic panels installationPinnacle printed a total of 9 separate acrylic panels that used 54 stand-off mounts to be installed on the hallway wall. We printed the panels individually and then lined up the design and installed it on standoffs that allow it to look more like artwork and not directly printed on the wall.

In order to install the panels, we first had to create a template and used it to drill 54 holes into the formed concrete foundation of the building. After we had out holes drilled, we started placing the panels up individually to create a large mural of the final image.

The overall effect was close to museum quality art which provides another aesthetic tool for the property management team to attract future residents to this Apex West Midtown property.

The Inspiration

Custom artwork pieces made to fill large spaces are not all created equal. Our team utilizes a blend of our talent and experience to make sure that we achieve the look you are hoping for beyond the traditional signage routes.

While almost anything can be covered in vinyl, that may not be the finished “artistic” quality that your company envisioned. So, let us help you turn your vision into a finished work of art. Give us a call at 678.714.8700 or contact us now.