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KEC Realty Installs Monument Signage to Help Benefit Tenants

Pinnacle was contacted by KEC Realty to discuss the possibility of upgrading existing signage to a monument sign with tenant panels on one of their commercial properties.

This particular property is located in Winder, GA and houses several brick-and-mortar clients within the strip style center that is appropriately called “Winder Strip Center”. KEC is a lease and property management company for shopping centers like this one in Winder.

This specific shopping center did not have a monument sign at all when we first spoke with the client. KEC decided that they needed to add a monument style sign because of the other shopping centers across the street and beside them.

light weight foamcraft sign prior to installation in Winder, GA

The lack of signage was becoming a competitive disadvantage to their tenants and indirectly to them as a management firm. So, this project would have to start from scratch.

From Shop to Site

When we went and visited the location, we first considered the space to install the sign.

The customer originally wanted the sign to go on the corner of the strip center. However, the existing utility lines, utility box and a hill blocking the view changed the owner’s plans.

After some discussion, they decided to take away a parking space and make an “island” in the middle. We dug a footer in the middle parking space and prepared for the landscape crew to install an island feature around the sign.

The second part of the visit resulted in our team learning that KEC had already done their research ahead of us showing up. They had decided on using a Foamcraft product that looks like brick instead of real brick.

Installing the monument sign on site in Winder

We agreed with their decision because it provided greater durability outside at a more reasonable price.  Pinnacle often suggests Foamcraft signs to our clients to give them a better value and look to meet their budget.

Foamcraft Finishes

We always recommend Peachtree Foamcraft products to our clients, not only because we want to support another Georgia based business, but also because they use a proprietary plastic coating to encapsulate and protect our structures from the effects of freeze-thaw, mechanical impacts, and abrasion.

This durable polymer provides protection that far exceeds the requirements of any government zoning regulations which, in the case of Winder, limited KEC’s sign to 12 feet in height.

A bucket truck picks up the sign frame and puts it over the steel post for installationFrom Scratch Installation

We initially installed the monument portion, once we had the Foamcraft faux brick monument base created with 2” by 4” s placed inside to screw to the framing of the lighted cabinet.

We went out to the site and installed the sign on the newly created base in the middle of the parking lot. We lifted the entire structure up onto a 6” round steel post that was set into concrete.

Once we had the monument portion in place, our team added additional spray foam in at the base where Foamcraft intersected to secure it from moving. Then the installation team welded the pole pocket to initial steel pole.

That would be the last portion we would complete for a couple weeks. We left the sign with blank sign faces while KEC acquired artwork and information for us to complete the tenant panels for the sign.

After installation, we were waiting to get the tentant panels for installation.Faux-Real Monuments

We often hear our clients tell us how amazed they were that they could actually afford to create attractive monument signage using Foamcraft products.

In many cases, a client comes to us just like KEC, thinking they don’t have the room, the need, or the finances.  However, we frequently find ways to help the client cost money, change locations, or maximize their dollar to get a sign that they are proud of and gives additional value to the property.

If you have been considering a monument sign and aren’t sure if it’s within your reach, give us a call. We would love to work with you on customized options, faux finishes, and other items that can make you proud of your sign.