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Lasers: Using them for Signage and Branding Part 2

In the first article of this series, we talked about how lasers are used to create signage for our clients. That article discussed the similarities and differences between laser engraving and laser etching – along with the different materials that are commonly used with lasers to provide signage to our customers.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top four types of custom sign products that we recommend to our clients where we use lasers.

Laser Etched Signs

These are signs that utilize a high level of detail in their design.

Monument sign for TTEC office in Duluth, GALaser Etched signs can be created on materials such as plywood, MDF, or acrylic to give you a more artistic look than standard signage.

Many of our customers use laser etched signs to display very detailed artwork or to create images around their branding for emphasis. Often, we see our customers order these types of signs for plaques, nameplates for doors, or highly visible display signage such as directories.

Lighted Lobby Signs

Using light to enhance your signage is a great way to showcase your brand.

Lighted lobby sign for NEO Genomics. The design was laser cut.Using laser cut signs to allow the light to shine through the material emphasizes your brand even better. By cutting out the letters or using back plated acrylic to allow for additional illumination features helps to incorporate standard or colored lighting into the overall design for the sign.

Lighting can help emphasize your brand after standard business hours to attract new customers beyond daylight hours or to simply create a stunning first impression.

Neighborhood Signs

The entrance sign for a neighborhood can convey a lot about the property that someone is entering.

New subdivision sign for Country Walk neighborhoodAdditional neighborhood signage is often important to provide information or wayfinding for those who aren’t familiar with your community.

Through using high-density foam such as Foamcraft, a community can create a very detailed laser crafted look to enhance the community name.

Neighborhoods can also use laser engraving to explain things such as gated entrances, golf cart crossings, pool rules, or tennis court etiquette to those who are members or guest of your community. Adding detail and small lettering is critical when conveying this information.

Wood-Burned Signage

Wood Burned Signs create a classic look for clients who want to use standard wood products to share their branding. However, using a laser instead of a traditional wood burning tool has significant advantages.

Laser Burnt signage allows for areas of the wood to be burned away to create a debossed effect on the wood. Using a laser on the signage allows for more customized, detailed, layered looks.

Customize your cornhole set with graphics for your company or event. These types of signs are great for decorative plaques, custom wood creations, packaging, and keepsakes in addition to traditional signage needs. One great example of wood-burned products is custom cornhole boards with original designs.

Using Lasers

Although these 4 types of laser signs are the ones we most commonly use in our daily operations, laser etching can be used in a wide variety of sign projects that extend beyond the ones discussed in this post.

In general, lasers can be used to cut custom shapes in a wide variety of shapes and materials. Designs for these projects range from something as basic as creating letters to custom burned details such as holes and lines in the project. Creativity and communication really is the key to maximizing the use of lasers in your project.

Pinnacle Custom Signs can assist your business in developing signage plans that include laser engraved products and help assist you in determining the right product, material, and design to meet your goals.

Our team specializes in creating signs that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Our in-house design team can assist in creating the artwork for your signage that includes as little or as much detail as you would like for all your signage.

We have a long list of projects that incorporate these 4 types of laser engraved signs for various types of businesses. Give us a call to discuss how your next project can use laser engraving to step up the look.