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Custom Box Sign with Channel Letters

According to the Small Business Association, “People often judge a business by how it looks on the sign.” When we first met with Debbie Warlick and Karen Norris, co-owners of Vapewares, a new e-cigarette store in Buford, they were very concerned with getting a sign that would convey how their new shop would be different from others in this new, and growing business.Custom Channel Letter Sign | LED Letters For Signs

Custom LED Illuminated Channel Letter Sign

Karen and Debbie, both ex-smokers, had been working out of their homes selling the electronic cigarette equipment via an online store, but felt it was time to open a more traditional store. Their concept for Vapewares was to introduce people to the modern alternative to smoking in a more spa-like environment, with a very relaxing vibe to it. They wanted it to be inviting to people and not feel like a “head shop”.

It was also important that their sign would convey the type of establishment they were looking to build as well as identify the product they were selling. Since this is a new business, they wanted to make sure they had enough budget to get a sign that would make people want to stop in and see what they are all about.

We started the project by giving them two alternative solutions for their building sign: using routed PVC with vinyl overlays or a lighted LED building sign which included a combination of channel letters and light box sign. Although there is lighting at the top of the façade, they decided that they wanted to go with the lighted box sign option, feeling it would attract more customers.

We went through quite a few design change before we got the final desired look. The final sign design included:

  • LED illuminated channel letters with
  • White acrylic faces covered with translucent vinyl providing the colors shown on the logo and the light box bearing their website, mounted on a
  • Painted aluminum backer.

Debbie and Karen were still working on stocking the store and getting everything ready for opening day when the sign was delivered and installed. They were pleased with the overall effect and were happy with the choice they made.

The sign was also quick to do “its job” in that almost as soon as it went up, customers started walking in their front door, even though they hadn’t officially opened. They had to put a sign on their front door telling people when they anticipated officially opening their doors so they can finish getting ready for their big day.