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Making a Monumental Mark at Merchant’s Park

Merchant’s Park Business Park is located in Hoschton. They gave Pinnacle a call to ask if we could come out and take a look at their existing monument sign in order to give it a new fresh look.

Stephen went out to meet with Doug Buchanan, the owner of one of the businesses and the whole complex.

On-Site Sign Survey and Analysis

The existing tenant sign consisted of a structure made of two steel 6” x 6” posts with a lighted cabinet on top. The cabinet was old and worn and the lighting wasn’t working correctly.

Below the cabinet was a large piece of corrugated aluminum paneling with divider bars for tenant panels. This part of the structure was not lit.

The tenant panels were individual pieces of corrugated aluminum paneling with digital prints on them. Most, if not all of the panels, were old and worn. Overall, the sign needed a refresh, if not a complete replacement.

Detailed Consultation

Doug and Stephen finished discussing all of this out at the sign and went back into Doug’s office to discuss further. Once in the office, Doug introduced Stephen to his co-owner and wife. They all sat down and looked at some photos Stephen has of past work Pinnacle had completed.

Monument sign with tentant panels for Merchant Park

After looking through all of this, they decided the best option would be to completely re-do the sign and give it a new fresh and clean look.

They went online and looked at a couple of more examples and determined the look they wanted to be a modern, clean, sleek sign which would draw attention to the complex for years to come.

After the meeting was completed, Stephen took final measurements of the existing monument and brought this information back to the design team.

Sign Design

Stephen and Pinnacle designer, Joanne, sat down to discuss what the customer wanted. Stephen explained the makeup of the existing structure that had steel poles we could use to support an all-new all-aluminum structure.

With this information, Joanne hit the ground running to get the customer a proof of concept.

The design would consist of a two-cabinet system with push-through acrylic for the complex name and a cabinet for individual marquee panels for the tenants.

We would use the existing steel poles as support to slide our new cabinet over and attach it to for stability.  

Lighted sign cabinet installation

Doug was ready to move forward in completing the new monument structure after two revisions and started production of the sign.

Sign Installation

After 4 weeks of fabrication, the sign was completed and ready for install. The installation crew headed out to the job site for install.

They started by removing the top cabinet and then the corrugated aluminum panels and found two steel crossbars that would also need to be removed so the new sign could slide on smoothly.

They use the oxyacetylene torch to cut these cross beams out and clean the posts for install. The last step was to use the winch on the bucket truck in order to lift the sign and slide it down the poles into place.

Once complete, the guys slid the tenant panels in, and the new monument was completed.

Our great performance on this job started a relationship with the owner that will give us the opportunity to provide future signage for their projects. The next sign projects include a new building sign, an update to another monument sign, and an opportunity to provide new signs at his other properties.

Monument Sign | Merchant's Walk | Hoschton, GA
Before and After photos of the Merchant’s Walk sign.