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Commercial Property Signs for Lincoln Property Management Company

One type of business that often requires quite a number of signs is property management companies – especially, a large one that manages multiple properties over large geographic areas.  This is especially true of Lincoln Property Company.  In the fall of 2013, Whitney Payne of Lincoln Property Company was looking for a new sign company to do their commercial property signs.

The typical sign we created for them were 3’ by 6’ commercial property signs where we printed their name, logo and contact information on vinyl, placed on MDO (a treated type of wood often used for signage) and then attached to 4” by 4” posts.  After completing several of these commercial post and panel signs for them, they finally had another opportunity for us.

Commercial Property Signs for Lincoln PropertiesAbout Lincoln Property Management Company…

Today, Lincoln Property Company is one of the most respected and diversified service firms in the United States, employing thousands of experienced, dedicated people who serve a growing client base that reaches coast-to-coast, as well as into Mexico and Europe.

A New Vehicle Wrap for Maintenance…

They recently purchased a Ford Transit van that their maintenance people would use to drive to the various properties all over the city.  They wanted the new van wrapped in order to create brand recognition as it drove from one property to another and wanted the design elements to include their logo, their services and the Atlanta skyline with green space to indicate that they serve all of Atlanta.Van Wrap for Lincoln Property Management Company

Joanne jumped into the designing the vehicle graphics. She used the skyline with green space as a watermark behind their logo, keeping the foliage in the green area of their logo.  The design is simple and provides a consistent look with the commercial property management signs we’ve done in the past, but also incorporates the skyline they requested.

Once the design layout of the van wrap was approved, we coordinated the pickup of the van and the wrap, having SQ Installers do the installation for us.  This maintenance van will certainly stand out and give Lincoln Property Company some brand recognition as it travels from property to property.Window Graphics for Lincoln Properties

And a Window Graphic for an Available Office & Retail Space…

Shortly afterwards, we were asked to install a window mural at 55 Ivan Allen Blvd right in the heart of downtown Atlanta.  This was over 50 feet tall and required special equipment to reach that height.  Also, since it was on a busy corner of downtown, it had to be done after hours.

Our team got the print done and we scheduled the installation to take place on a Saturday evening, when Atlanta traffic was likely to be very light.  The mural creates a statement on a busy part of downtown Atlanta due to it bright colors that grab one’s attention as well as due to its very large size.

As you can see, being a full-service sign company allows us to meet multiple needs for any type of business, even one where there is typically only one type of a sign need.  Our design team can work with your brand and your concept to meet whatever unique need you might have for a new sign.