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Partial Van Wrap for Arrowhead Plumbing

In January, Berta and Derrick Bell, owners of Arrowhead Plumbing, approached us about adding graphics to a new van they were purchasing for their business.  Don and Derrick first met at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, and then at several other local networking meetings. Partial Van Wrap

A Partial Van Wrap Did The Job!

The Bells wanted to add their logo and other graphics which let people know of their capabilities along with pertinent contact information to the van in such a way to attract customers to their brand.  Although they started their business eight years ago, they are starting to expand their reach even further in the metro-Atlanta area.

We started with a basic graphic package and eventually decided to do a partial wrap on the vehicle.  In a partial van wrap, a portion of the van is completely covered, or wrapped, and then graphics are then applied to other areas of the van.  Since most men are not great at design in general, Berta worked with our lead designer, Joanne, to come up with the overall concept.

Typically, when we’ve done partial van wraps, we wrapped the rear portion of the van and then over-laid graphics such as the company name, phone number, website and other needed information.

This partial wrap, however, was unique for us in that we wrapped the front of the vehicle.  It gave the van a unique look to it.

Since they needed to keep the van I service as much as possible, they stopped by during the day prior to the scheduled date of installation in order for us to measure the vehicle.  They then dropped it off on Friday morning for the installation.

We finished late in the day and delivered the van to them on Saturday afternoon.  Both Berta and Derrick were ecstatic about the vehicle.  They are now looking towards using our sign services for many other areas of their business.