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Truck & Van Wrap Projects Introduce Us to Global Electronic Services

Shortly after we moved into our new facility, we had a visit from Margie Petzold from Global Electronic Services, who saw our sign out front. Global Electronic Services provides industrial electronic repair and surplus solutions for all models and manufacturers of industrial electronics, motors and hydraulics. Their headquarters are located in four buildings at the back of the industrial complex where we relocated last winter.

Margie mentioned that Global had a need for a lot of different types of signage, Full Truck Wrap | Custom Truck Wrapsand while they had a company that they had been working with, they thought that with us being close to their facilities, they wanted to try using our services.

The first project on the plate was for a Ford F-350 truck wrap. The design phase for this project took quite a bit of time before it was finalized. It featured several photos showing examples of their unique equipment and services such as motor rewinding and balancing services.

Custom Truck Wraps

Because the photos need to be enlarged quite a bit, it took some time to get the photos which had high enough resolution to provide high quality images showing what they wanted their potential customers to see. The design also included a listing of all the different types of motors & electronics they can service.

Predominantly featured in the design was their corporate colors of orange and blue – two complementary colors which are certain to draw the attention of other motorists. The orange sections had their logo in a “ghosted fashion” using a step and repeat pattern, building their brand recognition.

Custom Van Wraps

Vehicle Wraps Design | Paid Van WrapsShortly after that, we were asked to wrap a Nissan NV commercial cargo van. As many fleet wraps do, this van wrap had many of the same design features as the F-350. However, since this was a much larger vehicle, there was more “real estate” for additional graphics.

A unique feature of this vehicle wrap, was that they wanted the entire roof wrapped, something that isn’t typically done on large vehicles unless they are driven near tall buildings where the roof will be seen often. Since we were wrapping the roof, and the rest of the graphics were quite busy, the design was kept simple and just featured their logo, a large letter “G” with a globe, on the custom orange background.

Since completing the two vehicle wraps, we have worked with Global on a few other projects, all of which keep a consistent look to their brand. Being a full-service sign company, we are able to fill many different sign needs, not just vehicle graphics. If you have several different sign needs, fill out the form below to contact us and get more information.