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What Separates Pinnacle from Other Sign Companies?

A few months ago, Stephanie, a former team member of ours, wrote a blog on what it is like working for a sign company from the perspective of a person just starting in the sign industry.  Just before she left on her new adventure at Delta Airlines as a flight attendant, she took the opportunity to interview both Joanne and Josh to pick their brains on their overall experience in the sign business.

Since they both have worked for various sign companies over the years, we were curious to hear their opinions on how Pinnacle Custom Signs differs from the other companies that they have worked with in the past.

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Traits of Good Business Signage

You made the first step in deciding to get your business a sign. But what makes the difference between just an ordinary, everyday sign to one that stands out among the rest? How exactly do you know if you truly have good business signage that will bring in revenue and curious customers? Signs are everywhere, and with so many options out there that you can choose from, it’s hard to determine which one will serve you and your company best.

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Local Sign Installation for National Sign Company

In November we were contacted by Todd King, the Senior Project Manager for the Southeast at NW Sign Industries of Orlando Florida.  He was looking for local sign installation contractors and he called us. He asked if we could do local sign installation service for two Chase bank locations that were being built in the northeast Atlanta area.

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Benefits of Large Format Printing

We all know the economy’s status and we all hold our dollars tight for our advertising budget. Business owners have a low budget and high demand for the big “Wow!” factor in their advertising. All of us business owners know what is most important… cash in our pockets and making sure it doesn’t all “fall out”.

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Building a Font Library

Fonts are to printing what specialty accessories are to car enthusiasts. If used properly, they can really add a touch of class. When used in excess, however, they can turn into fuzzy dice and gaudy chrome hubcaps. From the days of the monks and their elaborate manuscripts to the thousands of font styles available today, people have always needed to vary the look and feel of their writing.

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