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Using Graphics in the Workspace

Floor Graphics

Graphics can be used for a variety of reasons in the business setting.  We often talk about utilizing vehicle graphics for mobile branding, window graphics for marketing and wall graphics for various purposes – but graphics can be applied on any space effectively if you consider the elements.

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Reflective Vinyl Extends the Effectiveness of Vehicle Graphics

We recently worked with Bruce Troville at Troville Insurance to add vehicle graphics to the rear window of his Expedition.  Although we have done many graphics for vehicle throughout the years, this one was a bit different.  Bruce wanted to use reflective vinyl so that his mobile branding could be seen during business hours and at night. 

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Truck & Van Wrap Projects Introduce Us to Global Electronic Services

Shortly after we moved into our new facility, we had a visit from Margie Petzold from Global Electronic Services, who saw our sign out front. Global Electronic Services provides industrial electronic repair and surplus solutions for all models and manufacturers of industrial electronics, motors and hydraulics. Their headquarters are located in four buildings at the back of the industrial complex where we relocated last winter.

Margie mentioned that Global had a need for a lot of different types of signage,

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Using a Vehicle Wrap as a Creative Way to Advertise for a Jewelry Store

In the past we have always shared that the vehicle wraps are, hands down, one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business, particularly in Atlanta where traffic can be horrendous.  Just think of how many hours a week you sit in it, and how many vehicles you see while sitting there.  One recent trend we’ve been seeing is companies buying an older van, wrapping it and then parking it in their parking lot by the side of the road where the most traffic is driving by.

This allows for additional visibility over and above their tenant slot on the shopping center’s entry sign(s), creating a virtual billboard that gets the business noticed while merely sitting there.  And, just like any other vehicle wrap or graphics, it also gives them the opportunity to advertise their business as they are conducting their day-to-day business.

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Vehicle Wraps Introduce a National Company to a Local Market

Recently, we were contacted by Lauren Farver, who is in Texas and is the Marketing Manager for Renewal by Andersen.  Renewal by Andersen is an exclusive provider of Andersen windows, a national window replacement company that is currently expanding into the Atlanta Market.

Lauren found us through the internet and wanted pricing on vehicle wraps for a fleet of trucks and minivans being purchased to make their brand stand out in the new market.

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7 Sign Questions Customers Should be Asking When Looking for a New Sign

There are certain sign questions that our customers should be asking in order for the process to go as smoothly as possible and to make their lives a lot easier. Communication and asking the right questions is key to getting exactly what you want as quickly as possible. Take a look at the seven questions below that you might want to think about asking next time you need a new sign.

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